Our program for preschooler's is designed to intoduce your child to preschool learning/ It includes educational exercises and handwork that will develop both motor and perceptual skills. We will offer Creative Curriculum through books, songs, experiments, games, creative work in painting, coloring, pasting, and dramatization round out a full and exciting program.

With our 4 and young 5's we will use Creative Curriculum plus Houghtin Mifflin to give your child the learning environment that they will strive in.

The program and resources provided for the Creative Curriculum preschool level emphasizes the creation of a suitable learning environment for children and on building lasting and positive relationships between children and families. The preschool level is suited for children ages 3-5 years old and is built around a content-driven curriculum that promotes a child's progress through all their major development milestones.

ASQ is a parent-completed, child monitoring system that we use to help monitor child's development. We will do an ASQ evaluation 45 days after your child starts in our classroom and we will completed one every time your child moves to a new classroom. We can then determine if your child needs extra activities in any of the areas tested for.

We will use Gold Assessment to help monitor your child from birth to kindergarten. The book will then be able to go with your child to kindergarten. Together with the ASQ's we will be able to determine if your child falls on target or if they need us to add extra activities or bring in extra help to get your child on target.

What we do in preschool: Circle time, gross-motor activities, fine-motor activities, art activities, dramatic play activities, music activities, science activities, sand and water activities, block play, and story time.