Our program is designed to care for and nurture infant's ages 6 weeks to 24 months of age. We understand this is a very important stage of their lives. They need bonding time, nurturing, cuddling and playtime.

Our learning/activity schedules are posted on the parent board in each of our classrooms. We include art, music, story time, large and small muscle and sensory activities appropriate for the infants/toddlers skill level. We do try to  get our children outside when weather permits.

The program for children in infancy to two years helps teachers and caregivers build open and communicative relationships with children by helping show them how to structure daily routines and novel experiences that cater to a student's interest. The goal of this relationship is to help inspire positive interactions with adults at a young age, giving children the needed confidence to be exploratory and delighted in things they find and learn. The curriculum provides all of the tools to encourage a child's exploration from daily routine schedule, to creation of an interactive environment, to working side-by-side with families.

ASQ is a parent-completed, child monitoring system that we use to help monitor child's development. We will do an ASQ evaluation 45 days after your child starts in our classroom and we will completed one every time your child moves to a new classroom. We can then determine if your child needs extra activities in any of the areas tested for.

We will use Gold Assessment to help monitor your child from birth to kindergarten. The book will then be able to go with your child to kindergarten. Together with the ASQ's we will be able to determine if your child falls on target or if they need us to add extra activities or bring in extra help to get your child on target.